Sounds of Space

Branding, Packaging & Photography
Inspired by the recent NASA’s release of Sounds of Space, this is a digital campaign, record sleeve and branding for a fictional limited collectors edition of vinyls. All photography was taken with conventional materials.

Comes with four types of vinyl, sounds of Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and space. Each of them represented by a pattern of its respective planet and a black shiny sleeve for the sounds of space.

The box is made of 5mm reflective acrylic. Has six shelves, four of them are for the vinyl sleeves and the 5th and 6th ones are to hold and display the hologram, where you can place a tablet device in order to make it work. 

All done through Sounds of Space youtube channel.

Instructions and further information are explained in a leaflet included in the box.



Box 215 (h) x 320 (w) x 325 (l) mm

Vynils 12 in

Leaflet 120 x 165 mm

A Closer look to Earth´s hologram.